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2005 CSEF Finalists

Arkansas Valley Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Josh Bannon Woodrat Middents and Cybertracker Senior Zoology Branson School
Katie Buckner Stellar Dives Senior Zoology Branson School
Madeline Camp-Drees Bacterial Study II Medicine or Myth? Junior Microbiology La Veta Elementary School
Kelsey Chambers & Quincy Murphy Is the Sun the Answer? Senior Engineering La Veta Jr/Sr High School
Claudia Corral Are They Different? Salt Water vs. Distilled Water Senior Chemistry La Veta Jr/Sr High School
Danica Cox *Catch It If You Can* Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Swink School
Samantha Davis Big Bang: Fact or Fiction? Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Ward Middle School
Ty Goodan The Effect of Yucca on Native Rangeland in Union County, New Mexico Senior Botany Branson School
Jessica Gutierrez Animals vs. Humans pH Level Junior Zoology Kim School
Trevar Hobbs Copper Flame Test Junior Chemistry Ward Middle School
Cahl Johnson Hot Air Balloons: Magic in the Air Junior Engineering Kim School
Kami Keeling How Theobroma cacao Affects Blood Pressure Junior Medicine & Health Ward Middle School
Eric Keeling Freshwater, Road Salt & Spineless Creatures Senior Environmental Sciences La Veta Jr/Sr High School
Laura Kellogg Connection?? Between Lower Back Pain and Tight Hamstring Muscles? I Think So!! Senior Medicine & Health La Veta Jr/Sr High School
Carlee Koutnik Eyes on Balance Senior Medicine & Health La Veta Jr/Sr High School
Christina Koutnik & Mariah Melendez Strength vs. Accuracy Junior Medicine & Health La Veta Elementary School
Kaitlyn Lingus One "Mite"y Mission: Biological Compensation Suppression of Convolvulus arvensis Implementing Host-Specific Aceria malherbae Senior Environmental Sciences Branson School
Camillia Mata Worm Power Junior Botany Branson School
Sarah Moll The Probability of God Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences La Veta Jr/Sr High School
Jeff Reeves, LeRoy Vader & Jeremy Landgren Moisture in the Soil Junior Environmental Sciences Ward Middle School
David Richey GVW: Gatorade vs. Water Junior Medicine & Health Ward Middle School
Nicole Turner Chemical Reactions Junior Chemistry Ward Middle School

Boulder Valley Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Martha Carol What Sponges Accumulate Salmonella, E. coli, Coliform and Oh My! Junior Microbiology Summit Middle School
Leslie Dias & Tracey Fischer Biomedical Applications of Shape Memory Polymers (SMP) Senior Engineering Centaurus High School
Trevor Doyle Genotype and Its Effects on the Phenotype of Oreohelix Snails Senior Zoology Boulder High School
Matthew Eckstein Got Milk? The Efficacy of Enteric Coatings Junior Medicine & Health Summit Middle School
Dominic Fuller-Rowell & Tim Cowley Alternative Transportation Through Magnetic Levitation and Propulsion Junior Engineering Summit Middle School
Robert Glissmann Utilizing Audio Profile Matching Technology for Replicating Body Kinesis Senior Engineering Peak to Peak Charter School
Gwyneth Glissmann A 21st Century Problem: Carbon Dioxide Junior Environmental Sciences Peak to Peak Charter School
Lisa Han Sniffing Out the Danger: Benzaldehyde Kills C. elegans Eggs Junior Zoology Summit Middle School
Kira Hicks Hot Stuff: Measuring Heat Capacity Junior Chemistry Gilpin County School
Emily Houlihan Plants with a Tan Junior Botany Centennial Middle School
Helen Killeen Solar Flux: The Ultimate DJ Junior Earth & Space Sciences Summit Middle School
Meredith MacGregor Raising the Rayleigh Number: Plumes and Circulation in Turbulent Thermal Convection Senior Physics Fairview High School
Samantha McDonnel Are Rules Generally Used in Processing and Producing Language? Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Broomfield High School
Jon Monserud Take a Deeeep Breath Senior Medicine & Health Nederland Jr/Sr High School
Anand Natarajan Nozzle Design for a High Altitude Sounding Rocket Junior Engineering Peak to Peak Charter School
Mindy Perkins At What Speed Does an Animation Appear to Travel Backwards? Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Peak to Peak Charter School
Matthew Piskorz Why Some Violins Are More Desirable Than Others Junior Physics Summit Middle School
Farheen Rizvi Kinematics of Highly Ionized High-Velocity Clouds Senior Earth & Space Sciences Boulder High School
Brian Roth Where Tubulin Goes, It Glows Senior Microbiology Monarch High School
Annie Smartt Kids Say the Darndest Things Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Summit Middle School
Gregory Sotiros Acid-Base Properties in Increasing Combustion Temperatures of Ash Senior Chemistry Monarch High School

Denver Metro Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Iftin Abshir The Proof is in the Print: An Analysis of Fingerprint Patterns Within Different Human Ethnicities Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Littleton Academy
Leah Ancel Murine Neural Stem Cell Development into Dopamine Producing Neurons for Use in Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Senior Zoology Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy
Michael Bell Cutting the Breeze Junior Engineering Notre Dame Catholic School
Allyson Claybaugh Basis of Weather: Air Pressure and Convection Junior Earth & Space Sciences West Jefferson Middle School
Daniel Cromer Cyanide Detection Using a Myoglobin Biosensor Senior Chemistry Cherry Creek High School
Matt Dodge Which Roofing Material Best Withstands the Elements Senior Engineering Evergreen High School
Yoni Dollin Column Chromatography Junior Chemistry Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy
Michael Eby A Study of Adolescent Knowledge of Over-the-Counter Pain Medications Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Abigail Funk Keep the Ants Out of Your Pants: An Analysis of Natural Substance's Ability to Repel Ants Junior Zoology Littleton Academy
Eliot Jackson The Relationship Between the Type of H2O Salinities and the Growth of Marine Plants Junior Botany Stanley British Primary School
Natalie Margason Breast Milk AM To PM: An Analysis of Lipid Content Junior Medicine & Health Littleton Academy
Maximilian Merfeld The Sparring Punching Bag Senior Engineering Cherry Creek High School
David Miller A Study of the Changes in Resistance of Super Elastic NiTi Senior Physics Cherry Creek High School
Tessa Nelson Salt, Sediment, and Storm Drains: Impacts to Urban Aquatic Invertebrates Senior Environmental Sciences Denver School of the Arts
Kurt Oleson & Michael Sadwith Will a Mouse Follow a Lighted Path? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Stanley British Primary School
Amanda Parker Origin of HIV Wildtype Revertants Following 3TC Withdrawal Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Michael Polmear & Lalith Polepeddi Proteomics Analysis of Osteosarcoma Cells Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Sam Rotbart Modeling a Bioterrorism Attack: Factors Affecting the Distribution of Airborne Bacteria Junior Environmental Sciences Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy
John William Sabin Can You Dig It? Junior Botany Notre Dame Catholic School
Connor Spaeth The Litter Layer's Effect on the Hydrophobicity of Soil After a Wildfire Junior Environmental Sciences Mackintosh Academy
Ananth Sridhar A Novel Method to Assist Regulators Determine Site-Specific WQC for Copper Using BLM and Bioassays Senior Environmental Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Balaji Sridhar Oxidative DNA Damage During Symbiosis Between Sinorhizobium meliloti and the Alfalfa Plant Senior Botany Cherry Creek High School
Kristine Thompson DAGM(Diabetic Advanced Glucose Monitor) Deuce, "A Diabetic's Help Is on the Way!" Junior Engineering West Jefferson Middle School
Alex West Development of a Rapid Cellar Detection Method for 4-Ethyl Phenol in Red Wine Fermentations Senior Chemistry Conifer High School
Michael Xavier The Differences in the Performance of Certain Airfoil Designs Junior Engineering Most Precious Blood School
Missy Yorchak Tooth Truth Junior Medicine & Health Notre Dame Catholic School
Tommy Zulanas The Effect of Supplements on Vitamin C in Orange Juice Over Time Junior Chemistry Most Precious Blood School

East Central Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Malinda Arensdorf Temperature vs. Viscosity Senior Physics Arriba-Flagler School
Tyler Benton Investigating Surface Geology of the Anton Scarp Formation Senior Earth & Space Sciences Stratton High School
Kelsey Burns Less Stress - Read Best? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Arriba-Flagler School
Lyndee Charles How Deep Is Too Deep Junior Botany Arriba-Flagler School
Weston Charles Birds of a Feather, Must They Flock Together? The Effects of Socialization on Animal Growth Junior Zoology Arriba-Flagler School
Jon Cisneros Principles of Flight Senior Physics Arriba-Flagler School
Bryant Elrick aMAZEing Mice Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Arriba-Flagler School
Turin Hansen Mouth 2 Mouth Junior Medicine & Health Limon Jr/Sr High School
Alicia Hendricks & Lena Martin Superconductivity Senior Physics Limon Jr/Sr High School
David Kelly & Marcin Florek Fly, Fly Away Junior Engineering Limon Jr/Sr High School
Kelsie McCallum Pitch Discrimination Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Arriba-Flagler School
Jack Petty Hydraulics Junior Physics Arriba-Flagler School
Tiffany Poet The Effect of Color on the Human Heart Rate Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Arriba-Flagler School
Eliza Poet Which Has More Vitamin C: Frozen, Bottled or Freshly Squeezed Junior Chemistry Arriba-Flagler School
Chris Ricken The Physics of a Corked Bat Senior Physics Arriba-Flagler School
Mindy Schifferns Dyes From Fruits Senior Chemistry Arriba-Flagler School
K J Ward What Lies Beneath: Bacteria in Bottled Water Senior Microbiology Genoa-Hugo School
Brent White Snap! The Effect of Salt on the Closure of Venus Fly Traps Senior Botany Genoa-Hugo School
Mindy Witt Effects of Magnetics on Plants Senior Botany Arriba-Flagler School
Katelyn Yowell Candy Chromatography Junior Chemistry Genoa-Hugo School

Longs Peak Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Kenna Alexander Is Your Memory Color Blind? Is Black or Colored Text More Easily Remembered? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Blevins Junior High School
Brian Bales Does the Distance From Affect the Speed of a Local Area Network? Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Boltz Junior High School
Katie Beckbermit Coliform Activity Along the Clear Creek Junior Environmental Sciences Turner Middle School
Ryan Beethe Which Foil Flies: A Test of Bernoulli's Principle Junior Engineering Windsor Charter Academy
Anthony Bishop What Material Best Insulates Sound: Nothing, Solid Wood, Regular Insulation, or Hay? Junior Engineering St. John the Evangelist School
Danielle Burke To Burn, or Not to Burn, That is the Question Junior Environmental Sciences Windsor Charter Academy
Brandon Fagerberg The Effects of Temperature on an Electrical Circuit Junior Physics Brentwood Middle School
Gerald Gergory Does Your Field Need Rolaids? Junior Physics Brentwood Middle School
Emily Jones Water Wasters Junior Environmental Sciences Windsor Charter Academy
John RF Kelly How Does the Number of Wire Loops in a Generator Affect the Output Voltage and Current? Junior Physics St. John the Evangelist School
Tom McKenna What is the Effect of Precipitation on the Amount of Dissolved Oxygen and the pH Level in Two Lakes? Junior Environmental Sciences St. John the Evangelist School
David Pott What Works Best? Junior Microbiology Turner Middle School
Amber Shaffer Hot Bean, Cold Bean Junior Botany Weld Central Jr/Sr High School
Adam Short *Click*Click* Junior Physics Boltz Junior High School
Carla Stapleton Which Liquid Grows Plants Best? Junior Botany Immanuel Lutheran School
Corey Swanson The Toxicity and Movement of Pollutants in Underground Water Senior Environmental Sciences Fort Lupton High School
Zoe Wallace Brrr! It's Cold Out There! Junior Physics Boltz Junior High School
Ty Walter Are Parasites Bugging Your Cows? Junior Zoology Cardinal Community Academy
Rachel Washam Can I Make a D Size Battery That Will Last Longer Than an Energizer D Size Battery? Junior Engineering St. John the Evangelist School
Lucas Wingfield & Travis Belfiore CAT-astophie Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Brentwood Middle School

Morgan/Washington Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Brittelle Bowers Expression of MrC-1 by Cultured Macrophages Senior Medicine & Health Woodlin School
Adreanne Brungardt The Impinging Water Droplet Senior Physics Brush High School
Cody Caver Simple Arsenic Filtration Devise "Nails" Worlds Largest Mass Poisoning Senior Environmental Sciences Woodlin School
Raylene Chambers Mosquitoes and "Their" Worst Enemies Junior Zoology Otis Jr/Sr High School
Brandy Haller Bar Flies: Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Drosophila melanogaster Junior Zoology Woodlin School
Kevin Harris Against the Grain Junior Medicine & Health Wiggins Elementary School
Kelcey Ison Sweetened Roaches: The Effect of Aspartame on Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Junior Medicine & Health Otis Jr/Sr High School
Chad Kembel Liesegang Rings: The Affects of an Electric Current Senior Chemistry Brush High School
Cole Kembel Will Air Slots in a Wing Help Lift? Junior Engineering Brush High School
Corey Kembel & David Unger A Study of Dispersion States in Driven Surface Waves Senior Physics Brush High School
Madison Krien A Penny's Worth< Junior Chemistry Woodlin School
Jenna Krohn The Investigation into the Weissenberg Phenomenon Senior Physics Brush High School
Halie Krohn Sunscreen/Hot, Cold Senior Medicine & Health Brush High School
C J Kukus Acute Angle Analysis Junior Physics Woodlin School
Dezi Marositca Open Wide Junior Medicine & Health Woodlin School
Allie Martin & Rebekkah McCaleb Spuds Gone Bad Junior Botany Woodlin School
Kelsey Martin Waste Watchers Junior Environmental Sciences Woodlin School
Robert McCall The Effect of Crop Residue on Millet Germination Junior Botany Lone Star School
Heather McGuire Utilizing GPS and HPLC/MS in Evaluating Animal Chemical Transport in the South Platte Senior Environmental Sciences Woodlin School
Eris Moore Old Traditions: New Applications Characterization of Plants as Protease Inhibitors Senior Microbiology Woodlin School
Anja Naude Beacon Effects on DNA Capture Microarray Assays Senior Chemistry Woodlin School
Cory Nickell & Bobby Wilhelmson Soak It Up Junior Physics Fort Morgan Middle School
Brandon Ohr Tensile Strength and Charpy Impact Test Comparison of Al-SiC Sand Cast Alloys Senior Engineering Woodlin School
Darrick Ohr & Harold Klausner Biodiesel: Fuels of the Future Senior Botany Woodlin School
Colton Stephenson Advantages of Predicting Wheat Bread Baking Functionality in Whole Kernels Using NIR Spectroscopy Senior Botany Akron High School
Henry Unger Jr. Mathematical Repetitions and Relations in the Formation of an Icicle Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Brush High School
Buddy Watson Does the 1st Takedown Win the Match? Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Trinity Lutheran School

Northeast Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Evan Albrandt Getting Sicker Quicker: Do Fermentation By-Products Lower the Immune System? Junior Medicine & Health Merino Jr/Sr High School
Erika Baker The Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth Junior Medicine & Health Merino Jr/Sr High School
Seth Baucke The Effect of Various Beverages vs. Loss of Tooth Decay Junior Medicine & Health Yuma Middle School
Jacob Beu Gassed Out, Does Corn Fed, or Prairie Grass Fed Cow Manure Produce the Most Methane? Junior Environmental Sciences Merino Jr/Sr High School
Alex Brown Can Zea Mays Leaf Emergence be Predicted by Direction of the Seed Placement? Junior Botany Yuma Middle School
Doug Carper Bright Idea Junior Physics Haxtun Junior High School
Bryar DeSanti Is the Hiss Worse Than Their Bite? The Risk of Septicemia in a Model of a Komodo Dragon's Bite Junior Microbiology Merino Jr/Sr High School
Andrew Fritzler Antibiotic Resistance: A Study of the Affect of Genetic Markers Used in Bioengineered Foods Senior Microbiology Merino Jr/Sr High School
Tara Gentz What Are You Driving On? Junior Engineering Haxtun Junior High School
Todd Harper Germ Genocide Junior Microbiology Yuma Middle School
Kaleb Kurtzer The Heat Is On: Floor Fires Junior Chemistry Merino Jr/Sr High School
Katie Newton Does the Bio-Pruf Handle Really Work? Junior Microbiology Yuma Middle School
Cole Roberts The Effect of Elevated Soil Temperatures on Myccorhizoid Growth in Seedling Blue Spruce Senior Environmental Sciences Fleming High School
Jace Rogers Can BVD Affect a Cow Herd Even if Prevention Measures are Taken? Junior Zoology Yuma Middle School
Adam Schendel The First Step in Anti-Terrorist Prevention: Equipment Calculations on Stopping Distance Junior Engineering Merino Jr/Sr High School
Nissa Schmidt The Psychopharmacological Effects of Antidepressants on Procambarus clarkii Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Merino Jr/Sr High School
Nathan Smock Sea Salt, Salt From the Sea, Does It Kill the Algae? Junior Environmental Sciences Merino Jr/Sr High School
Anne Thaemert Sarcodine Bioremediation in Streams: Phase II Determining the Uptake of Heavy Metal Contaminants Senior Environmental Sciences Merino Jr/Sr High School
Alicia Vandenbark The Effects of Atmospheric Pressure on Cyclones Senior Earth & Space Sciences Fleming High School
Levi Zwirn Green Thumb Economics Junior Botany Yuma Middle School

Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Skylar Anderson Always B Sharp, Never B Flat, But Sometimes B Fractal: Composing with Fractals Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences North Middle School
Joshua Bohnen How to Deal? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Panorama Middle School
Ben Busby The Effects of Echinacea on Tumor Cells Junior Medicine & Health North Middle School
Alexanrda Dostal & Rebecca Siegel Methane Metropolis Junior Environmental Sciences West Middle School
Forrest Friesen Existing Technology Applied to Pseudoholographic Visual Immersion Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Palmer High School
Lisa Grossman Plants Through Chromatography Senior Botany Palmer High School
Patrick Herklotz Tracking Dyslexia with a DNA Probe Senior Medicine & Health Pine Creek High School
Erin Hubl Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Senior Physics Coronado High School
Jaimie Jennings Head for the Hills Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences North Middle School
Parker King Arrows Skyward Senior Physics Coronado High School
Dan Knight Aeronautical Aerodynamics Junior Engineering Sabin Middle School
Joe Konik Plant Population Density Senior Botany Coronado High School
Max Krakauer & Daniel Beard Programming the Past: The Development of a Programmable Catapult Senior Physics Palmer High School
Julia Leonard Weather or Not: Does Weather Affect Traffic Noise? Senior Environmental Sciences Palmer High School
Rosie Li Where's the Endpoint? Using Lasers to Help Detect the End of Titration Senior Chemistry Palmer High School
Anthony Meluso What Goes Up, Must Come Down! Archery Physics Junior Physics North Middle School
Diana Qiu Giant Magnetoresisance Senior Physics Palmer High School
Kristyn Rodzinyak Crater Characteristics: Water on Mars? Senior Earth & Space Sciences Rampart High School
Aarthi Shankar How Does the Nutritional Content of One's Diet Affect the Tensile Properties of Human Hair? Junior Medicine & Health Mountain Ridge Middle School
Adam Sidman Camera Stabilization: Take 2 Senior Engineering Palmer High School
Amber Stuckert Infrared - The Changing of Autumn Leaves Junior Botany North Middle School
Amanda Summers Got Green Hair? Junior Chemistry The Classical Academy
Trenton Thelen Stretching Electricity Junior Physics The Classical Academy
Nathan Thomsen Robotic Roving: Robotic Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Using Sensors Senior Engineering The Classical Academy
Michelle Thomsen Kelp? Quite the Help? How Does Your Garden Grow? Senior Botany The Classical Academy
Samantah Wadsworth The Effects of Earthquakes on Different Shaped Buildings Junior Earth & Space Sciences Mountain Ridge Middle School
Jordan Ziegler Now You C It, Now You Don't Junior Medicine & Health The Classical Academy
Matt Zubiel Fractal Antenna Design Senior Engineering Lewis-Palmer High School

San Juan Basin Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Patrick Allmon The Force of Electromagnetism Junior Engineering Dolores Middle School
Kelsea Anderson Psyched for Solar Cells Junior Environmental Sciences Pagosa Springs Intermediate School
Dakotah Andreatta What Effects the Transition of a Static Spark? Junior Earth & Space Sciences Excel Charter School
Chelsea Banteah How Does Sugar Affect the Human Body? "Stop the Pop" Junior Medicine & Health St. Columba Catholic School
Jackson Beall The Effects of Electricity on Water Junior Physics Excel Charter School
Sarah Boyle Wildfires: What Happens Next? Junior Environmental Sciences St. Columba Catholic School
Ryann Charles The Physics of Cheating in Baseball Junior Physics Pagosa Springs Intermediate School
Noah Fischer The Effects of De-Icers on Car Metal Junior Chemistry St. Columba Catholic School
Chad Herrick Sap Transfusion, Will Donor Tree Sap Help Revive a Partially Infected Tree Junior Botany Cortez Middle School
Nicholas Jackson Stop in the Name of Friction Junior Physics Pagosa Springs Junior High School
Conor May Clean Water for Developing Countries: Biosand Filtration and UV Disinfection Junior Environmental Sciences St. Columba Catholic School
Nicole Pease Water pH and Rye Grass Growth Junior Botany Miller Middle School
Crystal Purcell Do You Know Your H2O? Junior Chemistry Pagosa Springs Intermediate School
Naomi Rodri All About Memory Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Escalante Middle School
Tim Schneider Robotonomous Senior Engineering Durango High School
Dylan Schwantes Window Up or Down Junior Engineering St. Columba Catholic School
Nicholas Skahill Spacewalk: A Study in Space Insulation Junior Earth & Space Sciences St. Columba Catholic School
Elizabeth Thomas Bacteria vs. Cleaning Methods Microbiology Miller Middle School
Kristina Umberger & Brittney Harris Extermination Filtration Junior Environmental Sciences Dolores Middle School
Kalena Umbhau Hydroelectricity Junior Engineering Miller Middle School
Bailey Younger Paper Towel Testing Junior Physics Miller Middle School

San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Krystle Albert Dendroctonus rufipennis: Evaluating the Standard Risk Assessment to Track a Killer Senior Environmental Sciences Sierra Grande Jr/Sr High School
Ben Armstrong Antibiotic Resistance in Our Water Junior Environmental Sciences Monte Vista Middle School
Robin Blenden Selecting Oils to Make Better Biodiesel Senior Chemistry Monte Vista High School
J. Raleigh Burt Dangerous Decision: The Consideration for Helmet Use at Any Speed Junior Physics Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Jessie Chavez Sprouts vs. Nodes: Establishing a Correlation Between Burn Severity and Sprout Density in Populus t Senior Earth & Space Sciences Sierra Grande Jr/Sr High School
Megan Emmons Analysis of Driver Strategy on Traffic Flow Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Del Norte High School
Michaela Kaiser Utilizing Greenhouse Techniques for Evaluation of Advanced Potato Cultivars Infected With Spongospora Senior Botany Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Tyler Keck The Super Absorber: Finding the Best Polymer to Absorb Metals Out of Water Senior Chemistry Monte Vista High School<
Erin McAuliffe The Effects of Emotional Words: Supraliminal vs. Subliminal Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Monte Vista High School
Kelly McNeil The Molecular Markers of Mixed Mullerian Tumors of the Uterus Senior Medicine & Health Monte Vista High School
Chris Messick Point and Click, Literally Senior Engineering Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Mary Beth Miles Not Too Sweet: Lead Content in Mexican Candy Senior Chemistry Monte Vista High School
Sarah Oden How Loud is Too Loud: Can Personal CD Players Hurt Your Hearing? Junior Medicine & Health Monte Vista Middle School
Rafe Paulson Grandpa's Helper Junior Engineering Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Erik Schnaderbeck Do Solar Lunar Periods Predict Fishing Success? Junior Zoology Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Jessice Spencer Potatoes: From Tissue Culture to Tubers Junior Botany Monte Vista Middle School
Shannon Spencer Visual Learning vs. Auditory Learning Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Monte Vista Middle School
Kenny Stephenson Salinity and Integrity of Water Senior Physics Monte Vista High School
Miles Wiedeman Seeing is Believing Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Kirk Wilkinson Want Vitamin C? Eat a Potato! Senior Botany Monte Vista High School

Southeast Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Remington Brandt How to Measure How High Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Eads Middle School
Andrea Buxton GOOD: Morning Breath Senior Medicine & Health McClave High School
Tawnie Buxton Need Durability: Get Plastic Junior Environmental Sciences Lamar Middle School
Tucker Dunivan Fuel of the Future, Can Hydrogen Be It? Senior Engineering Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Tyler Fox Protein Busters Junior Medicine & Health Eads Middle School
Nikolet Fritzler Germs on Wheels Junior Microbiology Springfield Jr/Sr High School
Jenna Gerber Mathematical Music Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Linell Griffin The Effects of a Magnetic Field on the Viscosity of Magnetorheological Fluid Senior Physics Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Patrick Halde Technology That Yields Junior Botany Cheyenne Wells Middle School
Levi Hallman Under Pressure Junior Physics Eads Middle School
Dustin Hume MgCl2 vs. NaCl (Which De-Icer is More Harmful to Vegetation?) Senior Environmental Sciences Springfield Jr/Sr High School
Vincent Koeller Turbine Test Junior Engineering Plainview School
Shelby Loflin & Paige Kelley How Hot Is Hot Junior Physics Walsh Elementary School
Allison McVey Monarch Murderer Senior Zoology Springfield Jr/Sr High School
Jennifer Negley Oops! Junior Medicine & Health Eads Middle School
Blake Schlup Magnesium Chloride: Is Deicer Causing Caustic Car Corrosion? Senior Chemistry Springfield Jr/Sr High School
Vicki Specht & Miranda Weber Memory Mania Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Plainview School
Kirbi Stum & Jason Specht Higher Flyer Junior Engineering Plainview School
Lori Weirich Tasty Junior Medicine & Health Eads Middle School
Casey Wood & Kyleigh Larson What Bacteria Grows Following Different Sanitization Methods for Toothbrushes Senior Medicine & Health Springfield Jr/Sr High School

Southern Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Ashley Apple Effects of Different Fertilizers on Plants - Dieffenbachia maculata "camilla" Senior Botany Canon City High School
Jake Bradley & Colby McKibbin Simple Semi-Conductors or Monster Metals Junior Chemistry Harrison Elementary School
Kenneth Bridwell II & Taylor Bridwell Soaking Up Water Junior Earth & Space Sciences Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences
Elizabeth Burger & Nicole Ortega Do You Know You Are Blind? Junior Medicine & Health Harrison Elementary School
Jeffrey Carlson Going for a Spin with Gravity Junior Physics Mountain View Core Knowledge School
Jeremy Carlson Melt Away! Melt Away! Melt Away All! Junior Chemistry Mountain View Core Knowledge School
Juan Delgado & Vernon Wares Chalk It Up to Chemical Weathering Junior Chemistry Spann School
Samantha Faoro Ewwww! Mold Junior Botany Penrose Middle School
Bryan Gillespie, Jason Wells, & Mason Miller Naturally Insulated Houses Junior Environmental Sciences Beulah School
Eischen Harkins, Rebecca Tarnow & Michelle Swinderman How Much Vitamin C? Junior Chemistry Mountain View Core Knowledge School
Robert James Sunspots Junior Earth & Space Sciences Beulah School
Tamara Jefferson, Tiffany Langevin, & Amanda Archuleta Waves of Destruction: Tsunamis Junior Earth & Space Sciences Corwin Middle School
Andrew King Is It Safe to Touch the Faucet After Handwashing? Bacterial Cultures of Faucet Handles Junior Medicine & Health Canon City Middle School
Stacia Koster Beetle Kill - A Growing Problem in Our Ponderosa Pines Junior Botany Beulah School
Jennifer Manfredo Be Alarmed! The Circuits Are Coming! Junior Engineering Canon City Middle School
Kaleen Masse & Elizabeth Ary Bouncing Balls Junior Physics McKinley Elementary School
Melanie McCain & Connor McKibbin Catastrophic Catapults Junior Physics Canon City Middle School
Milan Patel & Nathan Cool A Kelvin Water Dropper Junior Physics Mountain View Core Knowledge School
Taylor Symons Do You Stop or Do You Roll? Junior Behavioral& Social Sciences McKinley Elementary School
Melanie Twiss Reflexes and Sensitivity Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Canon City Middle School

Western Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
McKenzie Binder Fight the Bite with the Larvicide That's Right Junior Zoology West Middle School
Athena Bowe-Janssen Vitamin C - To Be or Not to Be Junior Medicine & Health Eagle County Charter Academy
Britanny Bowles Sound and Light Junior Physics Riverside Middle School
Madison Cerny Should Plants Stay Up Late? Junior Botany Eagle County Charter Academy
Alyssa Evans From the Inside Out Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Eagle County Charter Academy
Danielle Gonzales Water Quality of the Colorado River from Glenwood Springs to Parachute Senior Environmental Sciences Grand Valley High School
Clint Hervert Leftovers Are Not Just for Dinner Anymore Junior Environmental Sciences Eagle County Charter Academy
D J Horton Biological Control of a Common Corn Criminal; Phase Two Senior Zoology Hotchkiss High School
Margery Jones A Comparison of Water Quality and Aquatic Insect Diversity Senior Environmental Sciences Hayden High School
Holli Linman A Cornucopia of a Green Salad of Cover Crops: Solicam Phytoremediation Senior Botany Hotchkiss High School
Caitlin Mahanna Engineering a Roller Coaster Junior Engineering Hayden Middle School
Rebecca Martin, Mark Hodges, & Candice Gibbs The Effects of Exercise on Cognitive Ability Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Hotchkiss High School
Makenzie Mueller Loco Levitation Junior Physics Eagle County Charter Academy
Chris Mullins Using the Subset Sum to Develop Secure Encryption Algorithms Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Meeker High School
Alex Proietti Who Cracked the Gas? Junior Earth & Space Sciences Holy Family Catholic School
Ryan Schilt A Novel Mathematical Analysis into the Constant of Gravity With Newtonian Mechanics Senior Physics Basalt High School
Karina Schorr Road Narrows Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Eagle County Charter Academy
Jonathan Taing & Jack Bryan Solar Panel Efficiency Junior Engineering Bookcliff Middle School

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