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2016 CSEF Finalists

Arkansas Valley Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Kaleb Andreatta & Cavin McCay Metals in Drinking Water Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry La Veta Schools
Antonio Arant Did Someone Say . . . Parallax? Junior Earth & Space Sciences Trinidad Middle School
Cassandra Blew Investigating Triggers of Sundowners Syndrome in Dementia Patients in an Institutional Setting Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences La Veta Schools
Brecken Dobbs Tooth Enamel? Can It Really Be Strengthened? Junior Medicine & Health La Veta Schools
Brody Doherty Filtration Station Junior Environmental Sciences Branson School
Sarah Duzenack A Comparison of Endomycorrhizae and Commercial Fertilizer on Blue Grass Junior Plant Sciences La Veta Schools
Mitchell Fosdick Phase IV: Optimizing Algal Growth for Real World Application Senior Plant Sciences Fowler High School
Kooper Grinstead Cool It Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Jefferson Intermediate School
Bethany Hibbs Ascorbic Acid: Truth by Titration Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Pioneer Christian School
Adrienne Jones Amateur Radio Astronomy Senior Physics Trinidad High School
Clinton Kelley Grey Water System Junior Engineering La Veta Schools
Dovvie Knowlton A Comparison Study of the Effects of Human Saliva vs. Dog Saliva as an Antibacterial Against Streptococcus Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Fowler Junior High School
Jaycee LaGow & Lena Noordik Plastic Soup in Our Waterways Junior Environmental Sciences La Veta Schools
Dalton Mason The Effects of Titanium Dioxide on Acid Rain Junior Environmental Sciences La Veta Schools
Lexy Riggo-Guadagnoli Investigating the Antimicrobial Properties of Abies concolor and Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes Year 2 Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology La Veta Schools
Wyatt Wiening Strength Exerted by Montmorillonite Clay Senior Earth & Space Sciences Trinidad High School

Boulder Valley Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Lillie Bahrami Statistical Analysis of Cliff Swallow Population Dynamics Senior Animal Sciences Boulder High School
Zack Berohn, Ethan Stansbury & Zach Stockbauer Geometric Optimization of Rocker Design in Performance Vehicle Suspension Senior Engineering Monarch High School
Ian Curd SwimBot: A Robot for Testing Swimming Speed and Energy Junior Engineering Boulder Country Day School
Julia Curd Proteins of the Body and Their Relation to Cancer Tumors Junior Medicine & Health Flagstaff Academy
Sophie Dellinger Capturing Sulfur Dioxide: Chemically or Biologically? Junior Environmental Sciences Summit Charter Middle School
William Dienstfrey Optical Illusions: Contrast Induced Asynchrony Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Summit Charter Middle School
Sydney Fischer The Expectations and Misconceptions of Brilliance: Gender Disparities in STEM Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Boulder High School
Laura Fleming Valvular Interstitial Cell Activation in Response to Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Treatment Senior Medicine & Health Fairview High School
Kyle Fridberg Effect of Inorganic Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Benthic Algal Biomass in Colorado Streams Senior Environmental Sciences Fairview High School
Anudeep Golla Seeking Predictability Trapped in the Midst of the Chaos of the Mandelbrot Set Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Southern Hills Middle School
Anurag Golla Actuated Controlled Motion of a Pulsatile Hydrogel with Anisotropic Friction: A Novel Bio-Engineered Approach to Medical Targeting Senior Engineering Fairview High School
Sirisha Gudavalli Assembly of the CDK8 Kinase Module Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Fairview High School
Qing Qing He Labels? What Do They Mean? A Study of GMOs in Our Daily Food Products Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Southern Hills Middle School
Charlotte Heeley The Earth Moving the Waves Junior Earth & Space Sciences Summit Charter Middle School
Jaden Hoechstetter Modulation of Laser Beam Using a Digital Micromirror Device Senior Physics Fairview High School
Elyssa Hofgard A Historical Analysis of the Current California Drought Senior Earth & Space Sciences Fairview High School
Josephina Hoskins Effect of Advancing Springs on Population Fluctuations of Migrant Cayuga Lake Warblers (Parulidae) Senior Environmental Sciences Fairview High School
Skyler Kranjcec Let's Solve Levitation with a Sine Wave Situation Junior Physics Boulder Country Day School
Kathryn Lawrence & Katherine Younglove The Effect of Carbon on Iron Nickle Bimetallic Nanoparticle Degradation of Orange G Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Fairview High School
Eojin Lee A Bout of Drought: Will It Change Cell Size? Junior Plant Sciences Summit Charter Middle School
Amanda Li Determining Protein Unfolding Times Through Analysis of Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Data Senior Physics Fairview High School
Andrea Lin A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach to Optimize Sound Externalization Senior Math & Computer Sciences Fairview High School
Tara Mensch & Nicholas Finan Sun Grown Polymers Using Benchtop Organocatalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Peak to Peak Charter School
Benjamin Morris The Extent and Severity of the Impostor Phenomenon Amongst College Prep, AP and IB Students Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Fairview High School
Madeleine Nagle Cost and Effectiveness of Sunscreens Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Summit Charter Middle School
Teegan Oatley Hydroelectric Phone Charger Junior Energy Flagstaff Academy
Matthew Radzihovsky Buffer Gas Cooling in Molecular Spectroscopy Senior Physics Boulder High School
Sophie Reeves The Relationship between Cloud Chambers, Alpha Particles, Radon-222 and Different Floors of a House Junior Environmental Sciences Summit Charter Middle School
Corby Tobin Improving the Functions and Pertinence of Multirotors for Application in Search and Rescue Senior Engineering Centaurus High School
Patricia Todd Simulating Inbreeding Depression Probability in Devils Hole Pupfish: A Proof of Concept Study Senior Animal Sciences Fairview High School
Ben Webb Forest Health and Regeneration After Destruction Senior Plant Sciences Boulder High School
Joyce Xu Predictive Modeling of Optimal Cancer Therapies Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Fairview High School
Hannah Zhang Reducing Building Energy Consumption by Personal Thermal Regulation Senior Energy Fairview High School
Stephanie Zhang DNA Packing and Diseases: Developing a Pipeline to Analyze Data Collected from ATAC-sequence Senior Medicine & Health Fairview High School

Denver Metro Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Isla Anderson The Effects of Water Contaminants of the Microbiome of a Stalk Eyed Fly Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Skinner Middle School
Eric Bear Hybrid Water Treatment with Slow Biosand Filter and Solar-Powered Electrolysis Chlorine Producing Unit Senior Environmental Sciences Colorado Academy
Sarah Bian Quaking Skylines Junior Engineering Challenge School
Edwin Bodoni The Effect of Bruxism on Mercury Leakage from Amalgam Restorations Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Evelyn Bodoni The Lure of Distraction Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Challenge School
Anders Brockway The Efficacy of Phytoremediation of Copper, Nickel and Lead Contaminated Water Using E. Crassipes Senior Environmental Sciences STEM School and Academy
Colin Burdine Multi-Dimensional Divide-and-Conquer Implementation of the K-Means Algorithm Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Tyler Burt Is Beet Juice a Practical Deicing Agent? Junior Engineering North Arvada Middle School
Anand Chundi Predator Effects on the Morphology of Crayfish Junior Animal Sciences SkyView Academy
Sadie Cole Voltage in Liquids Junior Energy Bromley East Charter School
Thomas Dilts Microbial Fuel Cells: The Power of Tomorrow? Senior Energy Prospect Ridge Academy
Tobias DiRito It's "Super-Cool" Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Bromley East Charter School
Grace Fuselier & Meredith Neid A Faulty Work World Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Stanley British Primary School
Tyler Giallanza Novel Applications of Stochastic Global Optimization Algorithms to the Shortest Common Superstring Problem Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Ilija Gjerapic The Stove Trials: The Effect of a Heat Exchanger on Fuel Consumption Junior Energy STEM School and Academy
Aliya Godoy Does Temperature of a Crime Scene Affect the Transfer Quality of a Finger Print? Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry SkyView Academy
Megan Goforth-Harmon The Effects of Dropping Stitched Tomatoes and How Well They Hold Junior Physics Morey Middle School
Henry Haase, Jon Williamson & Ruyee Frank Maze Solving with the Use of Genetically Programmed Organisms Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Kylie Hunter Wastewater Sourceflow and Its Effect on Energy Output in a Pressure Retarded Osmosis System Senior Environmental Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Siddarth Ijju UAV-Emergency Response: Building an Autonomous Quadcopter for Emergency Response Junior Engineering Challenge School
Aly Kallas Fingerprinting with Friends Junior Medicine & Health Liberty Middle School
Anu Khanna Bioremediation of Chromium Utilizing Bacillus Subtilis Senior Environmental Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Priya Kodenkandath Veggie Tales: Can Vegetables Soften Hard Water? Junior Environmental Sciences Ben Franklin Academy
Avery Lin Clean Green Buffer Machine: A Study of How Phytoplankton Fight Climate Change Junior Environmental Sciences Stanley British Primary School
Trent Martin Hydrologic Eddy Current Applications Senior Energy Cherry Creek High School
Ana Mayordomo Effects of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Levels in Soil on the Growth of Grass Under Drought Conditions Senior Plant Sciences Cherry Creek High School
Connor McCauley Vitamin C in Cooked Vegetables Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Blessed Sacrament Catholic
Renae Michael Door-Mant No More! Senior Engineering Cherry Creek High School
Alexandra Nguyen Egg-xtra White Shells Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Liberty Middle School
Amy Dang Nguyen & Katherine Tran How Hot is Too Hot? The Effect of Water Temperature on Fuel Cell Car Performance Junior Engineering DSST: College View Middle School
Tho Nguyen The Energy of Algae Junior Energy DSST: College View Middle School
Victoria O'Hare Walking on Thin Ice: The Impact of Common vs. Alternative De-Icers on Roadside Vegetation Junior Environmental Sciences Good Shepherd Catholic School
Chelsea Padilla >Murky Electricity Junior Energy Challenge School
Nathan Panzer The Effects of a Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor on White Blood Cells Junior Medicine & Health North Arvada Middle School
Maddie Plank How Lemon, Chamomile, Honey and Sea Salt Lighten Hair Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Most Precious Blood Catholic School
Rewa Raizada The Effect of Blade Number and Length on a Windmill Junior Energy STEM School and Academy
Krithik Ramesh Turbo Pulse: A Hybrid Pulsating Turbo Engine Junior Engineering Challenge School
Alex Roberts Inexpensive Food Alternative From Microalgae Waste Junior Animal Sciences Challenge School
Riley Ruff Pond-er This! Junior Environmental Sciences North Arvada Middle School
Riley Russell, Payton Grove & Connor Simpson The Effects of a Large Fish Predator on P. acutus Claw Morphology, Burst Speed and Pinch Strength Senior Animal Sciences SkyView Academy
Samyuktha Senthilkumar Regulation of PGC-11+- by LSD1 and Its Implications for FXR Transactivation in the Liver Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Douglas County High School
Isani Singh Studying the Effects of a Missing X Chromosome on the Liver Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Laila Smith How Fruit Affects Plant Growth Junior Plant Sciences Skinner Middle School
Hari Sowrirajan Nanoparticle-Induced Alterations in Cellular Junctions and Possible Therapeutic Interventions Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Ruby Stith Type of Seed vs. Distance Dispersed by Wind Junior Plant Sciences Skinner Middle School
Emhyr Subramanian An Attempt to Create a Hydrophobic, Biodegradable, Super-Absorbent Polymer That Can Extract Waste Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Challenge School
Avi Swartz Quantifying Spliceosomal Components Using Heavy Labeled Peptide Concatemers Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Cherry Creek High School
Meaghan Thompson The Effect of Test Format on Test Scores Among High School Students at SkyView Academy Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences SkyView Academy
Adam Vagle The Three Body Problem and the Search for Intelligent Life Junior Physics Stanley British Primary School
Eileen Xia Mechanism for How P13K p110a Isoform Inhibits CSR Through AID Expression Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School
Daniel Zamoshchin Near Field Communication for Digital and Physical Two Factor Authentication Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Challenge School
Grace Zhang To Guess or Not to Guess Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Challenge School
Sirey Zhang The Effect of Epigenetics on CD8 T-Cell Function Senior Medicine & Health Cherry Creek High School

East Central Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Kit Bellefeuille >Glomus spp. and Azospirillum brasilense Inoculation of Triticum aestivum and Medicago sativa Senior Plant Sciences Limon Schools
James Berndt & Kyle Berndt Quantum Levitation: The Future? Senior Physics Limon Schools
Alex Carr & Zane Smith The Effects of Artificial Light and Natural Light on a Solar Panel Junior Energy Limon Schools
Tyler Higgins Country Cooked Fuel: Efficiency Comparison of Biodiesel and Diesel Junior Energy Genoa-Hugo School
Alia Kraxberger Open or Covered vs. Aerodynamics Senior Energy Genoa-Hugo School
Dixi Lockhart The Power of Bleach Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Genoa-Hugo School
Levi Miller How Much Water Do You Waste? Junior Environmental Sciences Genoa-Hugo School
Tarra Miller Does Different Eye Colors Affect the Way Someone Sees in the Dim Light? Junior Medicine & Health Genoa-Hugo School
Michaela Ravenkamp Crop SOS: Do Crops Create Micro-climates? Junior Earth & Space Sciences Genoa-Hugo School
Colby Simmons Hydroponics vs. Soil Junior Plant Sciences Genoa-Hugo School
Tessa Smith & Mindi Carr It's Killing You Inside and Out Junior Medicine & Health Genoa-Hugo School
Cassidy Thompson & Erin Albers Bioluminescence: A Synthetic and Organic Exploration Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Limon Schools
Braden Wedel Candy Launch Battle Junior Physics Stratton Schools
Joseph Weisensee Berry Good Solar Energy: Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Senior Energy Limon Schools
Lyndee Yoder Kinetic Energy to Heat Energy Transfer Junior Physics Karval Schools

Longs Peak Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Haven Beaumont & Rachelle Pierce The Power of Peppermint Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Knowledge Quest Academy
Trevor Bickham Electro-Mayhem Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Windsor Charter Academy
Kimberly Blough Breaking Bridges Junior Engineering Turner Middle School
Haley Brogdon Eye to I Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Eaton Middle School
Lillian Buck The Effect of Mixing Metal Salts on Flame Color Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
Kaitlyn Carson Farm Fresh Eggs: A Backyard Bacteria Source Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Windsor West High School
Kammi Carson Soil vs. Coffee Beans Junior Plant Sciences Resurrection Christian School
Ashleigh Crane Nothing but Air! Geothermal Heating Junior Energy St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
Tyson Diede The Death of the Human Race: A Study of Empathy Throughout Different Age Groups Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Northridge High School
Makenzy Dreher Butterflies: Hot & Cold - Study How Temperature Variations Affect the Metamorphosis of Cynthia Vaness Junior Animal Sciences Frontier Academy Secondary School
Sam Duarte The Perils of Practice: Noise Dosimetry, Pipers, Earplugs and Noise Induced Hearing Loss? Junior Medicine & Health Quest Academy
Galileo Dumont Does Going Up Bring You Down? Effects of Altitude on Lactate Threshold in Unacclimatized Individuals Junior Medicine & Health Estes Park Middle School
Jordan Eskew & Ella Rise How's the Air Out There? Junior Environmental Sciences Windsor Charter Academy
Sergio Estrada The Worm Squirm: Identifying the Effects of Frequency on Lubricus Terrestri's Environment Senior Environmental Sciences Northridge High School
Brianna Flores Diaz Flaming Freckles: A Study of Sunspots Affecting Static on Earth Senior Physics Northridge High School
Katie Fromm The Effect of Rocker Ratio on Calculated vs. Experimental Lift Senior Engineering Greeley West High School
Jacob Isley Measuring Radiation From the Sun Junior Physics Turner Middle School
Alyssa Keirn Solar Powered Decontaminator Testing Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Blevins Middle School
Logan Kilgroe Tsunami! Junior Environmental Sciences Turner Middle School
Logan Kugler Taking Flight: A Comparison of Airfoils on Powerless Gliders Junior Engineering Frontier Academy Secondary School
Kaitrin Letherbarrow Golden Ratio of Beauty Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Turner Middle School
Renata Orsi The Science of Curing Stomachaches Junior Medicine & Health Blevins Middle School
Josef Perko Effects of Sublimation of Dry Ice on Mars Geology Junior Earth & Space Sciences Walt Clark Middle School
Tony Simone Radiate Yourself Junior Energy Quest Academy
Sena Uctuk Icy Coli? Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School
Max Warnock & Julia Warnock The Effect of Soil Texture and Composition on the Growth of Lactuca sativa Junior Plant Sciences Home School
Lauren Weaber Is the Grass Greener on the Other End of the Horse? Junior Plant Sciences Eaton Middle School
Cassidy Whitehead Pathfinder Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Windsor Charter Academy
Severn Young Using Discharge in Freestyle to Swim the "Perfect Race" Senior Physics Greeley West High School

Morgan/Washington Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Hunter Bostrom Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Pollination Senior Engineering Brush High School
Sam Christensen Dancing Ferrofluid Junior Physics Fort Morgan Middle School
Traeger Cook & Gihven Tucker CAN It Light? Junior Engineering Woodlin School
Collin Farley Attraction Action Junior Physics Abner Baker Central School
Deyanira Flores Happy Birthday to You . . . and You . . . and You Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Brush High School
Tessa Frasco How Do Fears Change with Age? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Fort Morgan Middle School
Mariah Garcia Crystal Formation Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Brush High School
Kaytlyn Keating & Emilee Wells Thyme to Stop Snoring: Saving Lives and Marriages One Toe at a Thyme! Junior Medicine & Health Weldon Valley School
Reiley Leake & Emma Stone Fly Ash: Friend or Foe Junior Environmental Sciences Brush Middle School
Emma Longshore Pizza Box Practicality Senior Engineering Arickaree School
Shayna Mason Blood Spatter Analysis Senior Physics Arickaree School
Nathaniel Miner & Drake Ludgate Deadly Stratification: The Role of Temperature on Limnic Eruptions Senior Earth & Space Sciences Brush High School
Elijah Myers Comparison of Biomass Fuels: Burning Efficiency of Millet Hay, Horse Manure and Cedar Wood Chips Junior Energy Arickaree School
Julianna O'Clair & Michelle Ren The Production of Methane Gas in Waste Biomass Senior Environmental Sciences Brush High School
Olivia Odle & Brady Sanchez Melting Liquids Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Brush Middle School
Emma Peeples How Light Color Affects Plant Height Junior Plant Sciences Arickaree School
Landry Peeples Which Material Can Block a Whiffy Signal the Most? Junior Engineering Arickaree School
Akela Ratliff Let it Grow! Senior Plant Sciences Woodlin School
Kate Schoonveld We've Got the Beet. It's an Oldie Moldy Junior Plant Sciences Woodlin School
Merritt Singley & Kami Sweenie A Toast to Murphy's Law Senior Physics Brush High School
Orian Wagers Good Impressions Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Woodlin School
Kaitlin Wells & Kaybree Keating Washing Away Vital Elements of Our Environment: A Bioassay Investigation with Daphnia and Detergents Senior Environmental Sciences Fort Morgan High School
Ashlyn Wright Growing Salt Crystals Junior Earth & Space Sciences Arickaree School

Northeast Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Trevor Frank The Hard Facts of Water: Is Your Water Inhibiting Your Fertilizer? Junior Plant Sciences Liberty School
Emily Idler The Exhausted Farmer: The Effects of Diesel Exhaust on Wheat. Junior Environmental Sciences Liberty School
Peyton Kloberdanz The Effects of Nitrates on the Ogallala Aquifer and the Agricultural Industry Senior Environmental Sciences Sterling High School
Tyson Lichty SNS-244 vs. Captan The Battle That Kills: Possible Prevention of Aspergillus flavus in Seed Storage Senior Plant Sciences Liberty School
Riley Meisner The Effects of Fluctuating Barometric Pressure on Labor Induction in Pregnant Ewes Senior Animal Sciences Sterling High School
Hannah Niccoli A Delicate Balance: Relationships Between Electrolytes, pH, and Probiotics Senior Animal Sciences Liberty School
Lacey Niccoli The Spice of Life: Investigating Tumeric's Anti-cancer Properties by the Prevention of DNA Damage Senior Medicine & Health Liberty School
Sophia Niccoli Storage Wars: The Effect of Storage Conditions on Feeds Senior Plant Sciences Liberty School
Sydnee Roth The Color of Emotion Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Liberty School
Zak Sears Safety vs. Strength Junior Engineering Liberty School
Casey Shaw P. denitrificans-Based Remediation Techniques vs. Levels of Nitrate & Oxygen in Freshwater Environs Senior Environmental Sciences Liberty School

Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Katelyn Anderson EMS App for Paramedic Training and Assistance Senior Engineering Edison High School
Serena Balke Highlighting-Helpful or Hoax? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences The Classical Academy
Mark Bloomfield The Heat is On . . . Or Off: Smart Thermostat Design with a Raspberry Pi Computer Junior Energy Holmes Middle School
Rebecca Bloomfield GASP!: Growth Advantage in Stationary Phase in Acinetobacter baylyi Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Palmer High School
Nathaniel Brim Effects of Zinc and Magnesium Dissolution in Cathodic Protection Systems on the Environment Junior Environmental Sciences The Classical Academy
Anjali Chaparala Protect It or Forget It Junior Medicine & Health The Classical Academy
Logan DeGraaf Venus Fly Trap Response Time Junior Plant Sciences Evangelical Christian Academy
Psalm Delaney Mutation From Radiation Junior Medicine & Health The Classical Academy
Xander Duvall How Does Atmosphere Affect the Amount of Subatomic Particles? Junior Physics Banning Lewis Ranch Academy
Karsten Garwood & Austin Debano Gut Bacteria? Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Evangelical Christian Academy
Charles Golding How Using Different Fin Shapes Affects Energy Production Senior Energy Edison High School
Lindsay Golding Energy Efficient, Applicable Window Coverings Senior Engineering Edison High School
Audrey Gulig Concussion Protection, Part 2 Junior Medicine & Health Monument Academy
Grace Gulig A Worm's Eye View on Pesticides Junior Environmental Sciences Monument Academy
Jonathan Haerr Circumstantial Morality Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences The Classical Academy
Annabelle Hall Growing Glowing Bacteria Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Monument Academy
Matthew Hileman Reflected Laser Communications for Small Satellites Senior Engineering The Classical Academy, College Pathways
Nia Lisbon Hill Fake Out Your Breakout Junior Medicine & Heath North Middle School
Kevyn Kelso Building a High-Resolution Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printer Out of a Bed Frame Senior Engineering The Classical Academy
Abigail Klapp Reviving Grass After a Wildfire Junior Environmental Sciences Monument Academy
Shepherd Kruse Spike Vectoring: Designing and Constructing a Maneuverable Aerospike Rocket Engine Senior Engineering Home School
Kathryn Kummel All Spruced Up: The Causes and Consequences of Spruce Invasion into Aspen Canopies Junior Plant Sciences North Middle School
Michelle Kummel Modeling Transport in Creeks by Approximating Partial Differential Equations Senior Earth & Space Sciences Palmer High School
Katie Mann Feeling Charged? Junior Medicine & Health Classical Conversations
Brandilyn Orcutt The Effects of Moisture Control Products on Amount of Moisture Retention Senior Environmental Sciences Edison High School
Sanavi Pillai Wireless Electricity Junior Engineering Mountain Ridge Middle School
Jonathan Pollard Making Biking Accessible to the Visually Impaired Junior Engineering The Classical Academy
Scott Prieve Saving the Slope: How Does the Orientation of Contour-felled Logs Affect Erosion on a Barren Slope? Junior Environmental Sciences North Middle School
Sachi Rohilla Dirty Is the New Way to Clean Junior Environmental Sciences The Classical Academy
Hayden Russell & Ryan Hook Selecting Music to Select Your Grade Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences The Classical Academy
Katelynn Salmon Biodetoxification Spectrum of Symbiotaphrina Kochii on Carcinogens Found in Cigarette Smoke Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Palmer Ridge High School
Jenna Salvat Sediment Injectites in Fault Zone Areas: An Investigation of Sedimentological Characteristics Senior Earth & Space Sciences Coronado High School
Ellie Schueler Fiendish Football Fans: The Influence of a Football Team's Performance on Negativity Levels Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences North Middle School
Marguerite Schueler Pick a Color Any Color: The Influence Negative Experiences Have on Unconscious Decisions Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Palmer High School
Tala Vicknair The Effect of High Altitude Baking Substitutes on Low Altitude Brownie Recipes Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Sand Creek High School
Corinne Watson From the Trees to a Fireplace . . . to Your Garden? Junior Environmental Sciences The Classical Academy
Benjamin Wilson Aerostat Communication System Junior Engineering The Classical Academy
Shelby Wood Inside the Wing Junior Animal Sciences Monument Academy
Kate Zerefos How Do Tsunamis Affect the Surrounding Area? Junior Earth & Space Sciences Monument Academy

San Juan Basin Regional Science Fair

Project Title
L. Sofia Bader Is The Grass Greener? Junior Plant Sciences Miller Middle School
Jessalyn Bay-Voit The Effects of Giardia on the Ecosystem of a Farm Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Mancos High School
Jeffrey Brittain Deer Crossing Junior Animal Sciences Ignacio Middle School
Anna Cheesewright Hot or Cold: Which Is a Magnet's Kryptonite? Junior Physics St. Columba Catholic School
Celia Chick Mud Power Junior Environmental Sciences St. Columba Catholic School
Christoph Cikraji Applications of Magnetic Fields for Induction of Artificial Gravity Senior Physics Durango High School
Ellie Clark Eco-Friendly Parking: Pervious, Permeable, Porous Paving Materials Junior Environmental Sciences St. Columba Catholic School
Laura Clark Human Microbiome: Medical Ecology and the Effect of Behavior on Human Microflora Junior Medicine & Health St. Columba Catholic School
Sydney DeLacey The Heat of Attraction Junior Physics Miller Middle School
Maison Echols Aquaponics vs. Soil Junior Environmental Sciences Cortez Middle School
Jordan Elder, Paige Featherman, & Isabel McNeill The Power of Praise Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Dolores Middle School
Cody Farias Soil or Air Junior Plant Sciences Dolores Elementary School
Liam Foster A Novel Early Warning and Monitoring System for Mine Blowouts Senior Environmental Sciences Animas High School
Jason Foutz Rethink Your Drink Junior Medicine & Health Ignacio Middle School
Bailey Freeman Capture That Ray Junior Energy Miller Middle School
Annaluna Grandt & Sydney Smith Gender Roles Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Dolores Middle School
Lucas Gundrey Sun or Water: Why Not Both? Junior Engineering St. Columba Catholic School
Camille Holland Laser Jell-O Reflection/Refraction Junior Physics Mancos Middle School
Nicholas Huber Hot or Not Junior Energy St. Columba Catholic School
Tristen Jarmon Water Under the Boat Senior Engineering Dove Creek High School
Isaac Jordan A New Twist on Artificial Muscle: Using Supercoiled Polymer Fibers to Power Robotics and Prosthetics Senior Engineering Animas High School
Marissa Jordan Cool Clear Water . . . or Is It? Junior Environmental Sciences Home School
Trevor Jordan A Wing of the Future: Part III Senior Energy Animas High School
Paul Knight The Power of Suggestion Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Miller Middle School
Madison Lankford, Kylie Breithenbach, & McKenzy Howerton Project Penicillin Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Dolores Middle School
Kalon Mead Will Someone Please Pass the Gas? Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Bayfield Middle School
Faith Myers #Fibonacci Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Dove Creek Middle School
Georgia Mynatt Does the Shirt on Your Back Stop the Sun's Attack? Junior Medicine & Health Miller Middle School
Tommy Pope Healthier Water: A Study of Water Filtration Using Natural Materials Junior Environmental Sciences St. Columba Catholic School
Aiden Quayle Coffee Cup Conundrum Junior Engineering Miller Middle School
Wyeth Rossi Lead Remediation: Applications of Algae in Fresh Water Senior Environmental Sciences Home School
Isabelle Washburn All A'board Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Miller Middle School
Eliot Wright Proteomic Approach to UV/HNO3 Deamination Mutagenesis in Antibiotic-Resistant Monera Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Miller Middle School

San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Leighton Burt Life Saving Locating: Developing Autonomous Avalanche Rescue, Part 2 Senior Engineering Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Keaton Fischer The Road Less Traveled: Understanding the Effects of Gravel Roads on Stream Health Junior Environmental Sciences Sierra Grande Jr/Sr School
Aaliyah Garcia Wildland Firefighter Defense System Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Center High School
Brenna Gearhart Hungry, Hungry, Pets Junior Engineering Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Kristine Hoffner Altitude's Effect on the Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve Junior Medicine & Health Home School
Chinmay Jayanty Healthy Potatoes Junior Plant Sciences Sargent Elementary School
Jeni Johnson & Drew Smith Che-Motor Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Kelsey Lindbloom Fueling the Future Phase 5: A Single-Chambered Microbial Fuel Cell as a Trickle Charger Senior Energy Salida High School
Amber Michel I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Monte Vista High School
Molly Nehring Python Cubed Senior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Monte Vista High School
Sara Nehring Do the Shuffle Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Monte Vista Middle School
Kage Pepper Nitro-Soil Junior Earth & Space Sciences Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Cassidy Plane Is a Forester's Trash a Farmer's Treasure? Senior Environmental Sciences Alamosa High School
Caleb Rabon Concrete Smasher Junior Engineering Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Parker Randolph Polymer Enhanced Passive Cooling: Designing a Thin Film Material to Remove Thermal Energy and Avert Incoming Solar Radiation Senior Engineering Monte Vista High School
Carmen Ruggles Well Treatments for Iron Related Bacteria Senior Environmental Sciences Center High School
Cole Seger May the Force Be with You Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Landon Tolsma Can Water Be a Fuel? Junior Energy Sargent Jr/Sr High School
Gregory Watts Baseball Physics Junior Physics Sargent Jr/Sr High School

Southeast Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Shannon Bland Stop That Flood Part (V) Senior Earth & Space Sciences Lamar High School
Rochelle Casey Rise Up! Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Walsh Elementary School
Alissa Cook Every Breath You Take Junior Medicine & Health Walsh Elementary School
Chase Cromwell Music on Demand Junior Engineering Lamar Middle School
Paige Dempsey Don't Let Them Grow! Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Wiley Jr/Sr High School
Jaron Freiberger A Fair Shake Junior Engineering Walsh Elementary School
Jaxon Freiberger A Field of Fuel Senior Energy Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Nathaniel George Plastic?!? Move Past It! Designing a New Form of Universal Packaging Senior Engineering Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Ashley Gilmore & Sage Higbee What's in My Ear? Junior Engineering Lamar Middle School
Rebekah Heath The Effects of Reading on Quarterly Grades Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Springfield Jr/Sr High School
Tyree Jones Rapid Recognition Recall Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Hayli Mackey What Genre of Music Affects Blood Pressure the Most? Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Springfield Jr/Sr High School
Deloris Mauk Morels: Gourmet to Common Place? Senior Plant Sciences Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Rylan McCall Aviation Aerodynamics Junior Physics Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Coy McDonald Sensory Perception Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Elijah Neilsen Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells Junior Physics Alta Vista Charter School
Braxton O'Bryan How Deep Can You Plant? Junior Plant Sciences Alta Vista Charter School
Ty Piner Light it Up, Up, Up With Luminol Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Wiley Jr/Sr High School
Dylan Renquist Grow It Right! Testing the Effect of Different Soils on Plant Growth Junior Plant Sciences Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Breana Sinclair Geomagnetic Storms Junior Earth & Space Sciences Lamar Middle School
Wayttyn Wollert Is That Smile Golden? Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Wiley Jr/Sr High School
Jacob Wright I Got Your Back Senior Engineering Walsh Jr/Sr High School
Justin Wright A Wing and a Prayer Junior Physics Walsh Elementary School

Southern Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Obbrianna Blea Flaming Candy Senior Chemistry & Biochemistry Central High School
Cenon Caramanzana Algae Photobioreactor Junior Energy Liberty Point International Middle School
Makayla Compton Antibiotics vs. Probiotics Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Liberty Point International Middle School
Rebekah Cowen Zapped Senior Plant Sciences Central High School
Kaydee Dodge Pumpkin Preservation Part II: Jack-o'-lantern Preservation Junior Plant Sciences Craver Middle School
Maya Jean Duran & Sayer Guerrero Innie or Outie II: Does Age Really Matter? Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Dolores Huerta Preparatory High School
Gavin Grant The War Against Bacteria: Will Copper Win? Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Highland Park Elementary School
Owen Growney How Do You Like Your Eggs? Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Connect Charter School
Makenna Hurley Frequency Dependant Sound Absorption Junior Physics Corwin International Magnet School
Xavier King Water Filter Senior Environmental Sciences Central High School
Nickolas Krupka, Jimmy Gonzales, & Joshua Wolf Super Solar Oven Senior Engineering Central High School
Aja LeDoux Don't Drop Your Phone Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences Central High School
Sophia Markuson DiPrince Anaerobic Digestion of Used Coffee Grounds to Generate Electricity Senior Energy Central High School
Dustin Medina Catalase Enzymes: How Does Temperature Affects Their Rates? Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Corwin International Magnet School
Shaleese Romero & Julian Salazar Bacteria Hysteria Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Central High School
Jocelyn Sanchez Water Effects on the Growth of Brine Shrimp Junior Animal Sciences Corwin International Magnet School
Pheonix Sanchez-Vasquez Mirror Neurons Junior Behavioral & Social Sciences Goodnight School
Anthony Sun Extending the Life Expectancy of Drosophila melanogaster Senior Animal Sciences Pueblo Wests High School
Eric Sun Computational Analysis of Stress Responses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Senior Microbiology & Molecular Biology Pueblo West High School
Jacelynn Trujillo The Electric Hand Junior Engineering Corwin International Magnet School
Elissa Velasquez The Scientist's Guide to Worm Real Estate Junior Animal Sciences Chavez Huerta Preparatory Academy

Western Colorado Regional Science Fair

Project Title
Silas Almgren Peer Pressure Persuasion Senior Behavioral & Social Sciences West Grand High School
Cobe Clark Wonders of Steam Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Holy Family Catholic School
Jayden Edson & Jonathan Belcher Engineering a Wind Rover Processed with Python Senior Engineering West Grand High School
Watts Erb & Caden Clark Pretty Heat Junior Chemistry & Biochemistry Holy Family Catholic School
Colleen Farrell Shapes of Efficiency Junior Energy Eagle County Charter Academy
Morgan Jones Silky Smooth Senior Medicine & Health West Grand High School
Aubrie Lewis Desalinization Evaporation Junior Environmental Sciences Olathe Middle School
Erin Lindsey Nutrospire Senior Engineering West Grand High School
Kael Mattics Mathematics of a Tsunami Wave Junior Mathematics & Computer Sciences Olathe Middle School
Brooks Reed Force and Pressure Junior Physics Vail Mountain School
Breann Ritter Leaf No Trace Behind Junior Microbiology & Molecular Biology St. Stephen's Catholic School
Zach Shettler More Bang for Your Buck Junior Energy Holy Family Catholic School

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