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Requirements for Projects Involving Hazards: Chemicals, Activities AND/OR Devices


See a sample Form 3 for a project where the student was using Hazardous Chemicals.

See a sample Form 3 for a project where the student was using Hazardous Activities.

See a sample Form 3 for a project where the student was using Hazardous Devices.

Form 3

Tips for Forms & Projects:

The Risk Assessment Form 3 is a good form for all students to complete, even if it isn't necessarily required as the questions really get them to think about safety. View Form 3 Help Video.

It is important that ALL hazardous chemicals, activities and/or devices that will be used in the project be included under #1 and answer the remaining questions for each one. Be very specific and provide as much detail as possible to avoid future questions when the SRC reviews it for competition.

Use the Research Plan as a guide as to what to include and make sure to include items that are used to build parts of the project as well.

If firearms and/or bows and arrows are used, it is important to include a copy of the student's and supervisor's Colorado Hunter Safety Card.

Just as a scientist needs to be qualified in the area of research that a student is working in, a Designated Supervisor may need to explain their qualifications. For example, if a student were using power tools, it would be appropriate to have someone who is a carpenter by trade supervising the student, even though the parent or teacher may know how to use the tools. Being MOM or DAD is not necessarily qualification enough to supervise a project using hazardous chemicals or devices.

If the student isn't going to be directly using a tool or device, but merely assisting, please indicate this under the description of safety precautions and procedures (#3).

Sources of Safety Information (#5) should be done in the same manner as a reference cited list is done.

Read more about ISEF rules regarding using Hazardous Chemicals, Devices and Activities in research.

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