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Regional Science Fair Director Information

There are 13 Regional Science Fairs that cover the entire state of Colorado. Allocations to each of the Regional Science Fairs are based partially on the number of eligible students in the region as well as past regional entry numbers. This makes it important to complete each of the affiliation requirement forms every year.

Regional Science Fair Affiliation Requirements
To affiliate with the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF), a regional science fair must submit the following paperwork:

  1. Affiliation Agreement (pdf) or (word) - Deadline: September 30th
  2. Preliminary Registration Form (pdf) or (word) - Deadline: September 30th
  3. Scientific Review Committee Roster (pdf) or (word) - Deadline: September 30th
  4. Regional Science Fair Media Contacts Form (pdf) or (word) - Deadline: September 30th
  5. Registration Form (pdf) or (word) - Deadline: March 9th or with Finalist Registration Forms
  6. Scientific Review Committee Report (pdf) or (word) - Deadline: March 9th

Useful Science Fair Documents
The following documents are used at the CSEF and might be of use to the Regional Science Fairs as well. Please feel free to modify as needed.

  1. Display & Safety Regulations
  2. Special Display Restrictions Form
  3. Set-Up Approval Form
  4. Grand Award Judge's Rating Card
  5. Scientific Review Committee Report Form
  6. Registration Committee Report Form
  7. Individual Project Abstract Form
  8. Team Project Abstract Form

CSEF Publications
CSEF produces a variety of publications for student and teacher use.

  1. The Middle School Rules & Guidelines is for students in grades 6-8 only. If these forms are used, then students MUST follow these rules and guidelines, which differ slightly from the Intel ISEF ones.
  2. The CSEF Finalist Handbook includes of the necessary forms and information for students who have qualified to compete at the CSEF.
  3. The CSEF Program includes all of the Finalists' project information, and CSEF program information for the days of the science fair.
  4. The CSEF Awards Ceremony Program includes information on the organizations that provide the special awards.

Other Resources
The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) exists at the local level to evaluate those projects that involve vertebrate animals and potentially hazardous biological agents prior to the student's experimentation. At the regional and state level, this group reviews all students' project paperwork to determine if it is eligible to compete, based on the rules set forth by the Intel ISEF.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) exists at the local level to evaluate those projects that involve human subjects prior to the student's experimentation.

The Display & Safety Guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of the viewing public that may visit a science fair.

The Colorado Science and Engineering Fair Presentation is a Powerpoint document that may be used with students or adult sponsors in reviewing the ISEF rules.

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