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CSEF Finalist Information

A student who wishes to participate in the 2018 Colorado Science and Engineering Fair must:

  • be a Colorado resident 6th through 12th grade student in a public, private, parochial, home or on-line school and
  • participate in one of Colorado's 13 Regional Science Fairs and
  • be chosen by their Regional Science Fair to represent that region at CSEF and
  • agree to abide by all International Science and Engineering Fair, CSEF and Regional Science Fair rules, regulations and policies that may currently exist regarding pre-college science research.

Once chosen to represent a Regional Science Fair at CSEF, each student finalist must:

  • choose a CSEF category to compete in (please note that judges will review abstracts prior to CSEF in order to comply with the CSEF Category Change Policy and will make change recommendations accordingly);
  • register for the CSEF using the on-line Colorado Science and Engineering Fair Registration Form (ONLY students who have won the right to represent their regional science fair and have received an official Finalist Handbook from their Regional Fair Director are to use this registration form);
  • complete the CSEF Abstract Form (individual or team), print a copy to submit with your ISEF paperwork AND submit the abstract electronically;
  • pay the $40 registration fee; and
  • attach a copy of the Finalist's Verification Form, a signed copy of the official CSEF Abstract Form to the required ISEF paperwork (see Forms, Rules & Guidelines for more information) and submit to your Regional Fair Director for approval and submission to the CSEF Director.

Please note that each Regional Science Fair has their own personalized registration deadline at which point, all students' paperwork, abstract submissions and registrations must be in to CSEF. Check the Finalist handbook, page 4 for details.

Finalist Registration Corrections

CSEF Finalists needing to make corrections to their registration information should email those corrections to the CSEF Director. Please DO NOT submit a new registration! Corrections will be accepted through Friday, March 16, 2018.

Display & Safety Guidelines - Find information on what is allowed and not allowed at a student's display at and ISEF affiliated science fair (including CSEF).

CSEF Publications - CSEF produces a variety of publications for student and teacher use.

The CSEF Middle School Rules & Guidelines is an option for only 6th - 8th grade students to use instead of the Intel SEF forms. If a student uses these rules and forms, they must follow ALL of the rules for middle school students and not pick and choose between the Intel ISEF forms and rules and these.

The CSEF Finalist Handbook includes the necessary forms and information for students who have qualified to compete at the CSEF.

The CSEF Program includes all of the Finalists' project information and CSEF program information for the days of the science fair.

The CSEF Awards Ceremony Program includes information on the organizations that provide the special awards.

Awards - As an incentive to participate and to reward good research, CSEF offers many different types of awards to the students entered into the CSEF every year.

Grand Awards of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Honorable Mention are awarded in each of the 12 categories for both the Junior (6 - 8 grades) and Senior Divisions (9 - 12 grades).

Student Choice Award where Finalists are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Junior Division and Senior Division projects. The winners of this award receive a trophy, certificate and $100 cash.

Poster Art Contest where any student in Colorado can submit an entry for next year's artwork for the Finalists to vote on. The winner of this award receive a certificate and $100 cash. Their artwork will be printed on the covers of next year's CSEF publications.

Technical Writing Awards are available to students in both the Senior Division (Ralph Desch Memorial Technical Writing Award) and the Junior Division (Elemer Bernath Technical Writing Award). To be considered for this award, students must prepare a technical report as if they were planning on being published in a scientific or technical journal. Please see the Review Rubric for details. This is separate from the lab notebook. The winner of these awards receive a certificate, $100 cash and has his/her work published on the CSEF web site.

Pioneers of Science Awards are personally sponsored by the Board of Directors and the winners are chosen based on their enthusiasm for their project and their future potential as a scientist as decided by the sponsoring board member. Each winner receives a certificate, a personal letter from the sponsoring board member and $50 cash.

Special Awards and Scholarships are provided by a variety of scientific organizations, businesses, and Universities according to criteria that they set. Check out the latest list of Special Award Organizations along with the awards they gave out last year, the criteria for the award and which CSEF categories are eligible for the award.

Guest Speaker - Each year, the CSEF Board of Directors invites a key note speaker to talk to the CSEF Finalists, parents, teachers and the general public about an interesting area of scientific research. The 2018 Guest Speaker will be Dr. Janet Mcallister from the Center for Disease Control in Fort Collins, CO.

Tours & Presentations - On Friday of the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair, Finalists are offered the opportunity to visit many of the research laboratories on the Colorado State University campus and listen to many scientific presentations. Tour tickets may be pre-ordered starting March 19th and continuing until April 1st on a first-come, first-served basis.

Finalist Survey - Please give us your feedback regarding the 2018 CSEF held at the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University - Fort Collins April 5, 6, & 7. Your input is essential in making each year's state science fair better than the previous year.

Adult Survey - Please have an adult who accompanied you to the 2018 CSEF held at the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University - Fort Collins April 5, 6 & 7 give us their feedback. Your input is essential in making each year's state science fair better than the previous year.

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