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CSEF Volunteer Assignment Instructions

Volunteer Assignment Instructions
Awards Ceremony Announcers
Shift Time: 6 - 9 p.m. Friday
Where: Timberline Church - Fort Collins
Person in Charge: Courtney Butler
  • CSEF will be collecting the pronunciation of students' names as part of the on-line registration process, but you are encouraged to identify those that you might want help with and talk with the student during the judging period on Thursday.
  • You are encouraged to view the Script Book any time after 1 p.m. to make notes on your sections.
  • For the Special Awards, there will be a cover sheet for each organization that will include the award name, the name of the sponsor, the presenter's name, an alphabetical list of students needing to approach the stage and a short description about the sponsor to read as the students are getting to the stage.
  • For the Grand Awards, there will be a cover sheet that has an alphabetical list of students who need to approach the stage - you'll need to wait until all students are assembled before moving on to read who won what.
  • You don't have to read a person's project title and school information more than once if you don't want to.
  • After the Best of CSEF Awards are given at the end, the CSEF Director will invite all of the students who will be attending ISEF to the stage for a group recognition and photo.
Awards Ceremony Helpers & Ushers
Shift Time: 5 - 9 p.m. Friday
Where: Timberline Church - Fort Collins
Person in Charge: Courtney Butler
  • Helpers will be needed for the following jobs beginning at 5 p.m.:
    • Marking off seating areas for Finalists, presenters and general audience members.
    • Decorating the stage as needed.
    • Organizing the awards on stage.
  • Ushers will be needed for the following jobs beginning at 5:30 p.m.:
    • Handing out programs outside the auditorium doors.
    • Handing out photo order forms outside the auditorium doors.
    • Directing Finalists, presenters and general audience members to the appropriate seating sections.
  • Helpers will be needed for the following jobs beginning at 6 p.m.:
    • Helping people on and off stage.
    • Directing winners and presenters to the photography area.
    • Directing presenter and winner traffic on stage as awards are being accepted.
    • Handling the awards on stage.
    • Handing the awards to presenters.
Awards Ceremony Photography
Shift Time: 6 - 9 p.m. Friday
Where: Timberline Church - Fort Collins
Person in Charge: Loree' Harvey
  • Awards Ceremony photographs will be taken off-stage in a designated area.
  • There will be a list of awards and the winning finalists available to track photos taken. The list will include the names of the Finalist(s) who should be in the pictures (for counting purposes).
  • If a student or adult is just accepting an award for a Finalist, please do not include them in the photos as this just makes things confusing when identifying photos.
  • Instructions will be given to Finalists and presenters at the beginning of the Awards Ceremony, but someone will be designated to guide them as needed.
Awards Ceremony Setup
Shift Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Friday
Where: Room 322 Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Courtney Butler

Jobs that will need to be completed are:

  • Entering the winning project numbers by award number into the database, triple checking the accuracy and preparing the Press Release for early morning printing (Thursday evening by CSEF Director).
  • Sending an electronic copy of the Press Release to FastPrint for printing. This needs to be delivered by 3 p.m.
  • Email the Best CSEF Project Award winner's names for Junior and Senior Divisions to All Sports Trophy for engraving. The plaques will need to be ready for pick up at 3:30 p.m.
  • Sending an electronic copy of the Press Release to the media list.
  • Printing the checks from Quicken.
  • Printing the Script Book and arranging it in order.
  • Printing the Grand Award certificates and attaching the ribbons/medals and checks to them. The ordering of these awards will be Honorable Mentions (on top), 4th Place, 3rd Place, 2nd Place and then 1st Place (on bottom). Using the Script Book to make sure the Honorable Mentions are in the order that they will be read.
  • Completing or printing Special Awards certificates as needed.
  • Completing the SSP award certificates as needed.
  • Organizing the Special Awards according to the order listed in the Script Book and boxing up for transportation to the Awards Ceremony site.
  • Packing the awards for transfer to ceremony location.
  • Organizing the Grand Awards judging comment cards for distribution Friday afternoon.
CSEF Headquarters Monitoring
Shift Time: All
Where: Registration Booth in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Door Monitor on Duty
  • Once Finalist Check-In is complete on Thursday, be sure to:
    • tear down the registration area and move everything into the Registration Booth.
    • put out extra CSEF Programs, maps to the Awards Ceremony site and other such informational fliers.
    • assign numbers to the Poster Art Contest entries and hang them in designated spot outside the Main Ballroom.
    • change the signs outside the Registration Booth and Exhibit Hall as needed.
  • Extra tour tickets will be brought to the Registration Booth and people can still buy them through Thursday as they are available. DO NOT sell more tickets than there are spots available on the sign-up sheets and/or printed tickets.
  • After 11 a.m. on Thursday, you will be in charge of checking-in Volunteers - please see the Volunteer Check-In Instructions for further details.
  • A list of FAQ's and the answers to them will be available for your reference. You don't need to be the information desk for the entire student center. If the question is not CSEF related, feel free to direct the questioner to the LSC Information Desk on the 2nd (main) floor. Please add to the FAQ list as needed.
  • If someone needs to talk directly with the CSEF Director, first look in Room 322 LSC and if she isn't there, you can call 970-222-4418 to locate her.
  • On Friday, by 2 p.m., a tally of the Poster Art Contest and Student Choice ballots needs to be made and given to the CSEF Director.
  • On Saturday, put out the Door Prize Ticket container for ticket submission. Tickets must be turned in by 11:30 a.m.
  • Organization of the Registration Booth and the items from the previous day(s) is greatly appreciated.
  • The last shift of each day will be required to close the windows of the Registration Booth, collect signs and sign stands and make sure all doors to the Registration Booth are shut and locked.
Display & Safety Inspection
Shift Time: 8:30 - 11 a.m. Thursday
Where: Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Penny Propst (Senior Division) &
Candus Muir (Junior Division)

There will be a meeting to go over directions for this group at about 8:15 a.m. in the Main Ballroom. Please be early for this assignment as we will open registration as soon as Exhibit Hall Setup is done.

  • Review the Display & Safety regulations and the Setup Approval Form prior to CSEF and make notes of areas to ask for clarification.
  • Regulations will be taped to the clip boards for easy reference during Display & Safety checks.
  • The following will be the procedures Finalists will follow during set-up, Display & Safety approval and photography:
    1. Finalist picks up his/her packet from Registration.
    2. Finalist sets up his/her project at the assigned spot.
    3. Once the project is completely setup, the Finalist will turn in the Setup Approval Form to the Display & Safety table.
    4. Display & Safety Inspectors will pick up the Setup Approval Forms from the Display & Safety table as they are available and go to the indicated projects to review them.
    5. A Display & Safety Inspector will review the project and make an initial determination of compliance:
      • If the project passes review, mark the Setup Ready Form as such and sign it, put a colored dot on the hang tag in the Display & Safety box, and give the Finalist(s) a signed Photo Ready Card.
      • If the project does not pass review, indicate what needs to be fixed on the Setup Ready Form and have the Finalist(s) fix the problem(s). If something needs to be fixed, do not sign the Setup Ready Form or give the Finalist(s) a Photo Ready Card until you have rechecked the project and the problem(s) have been taken care of.
    6. Once the project has been cleared by the Display & Safety inspectors and the Finalist(s) have obtained a Photo Ready Card, the Finalist(s) will turn that card in to the Photography table.
    7. Photographers will pick up the Photo Ready Cards as they are available and take the Official Photos.
  • If you have concerns about a project and are not sure how to assess it, you may ask the persons in charge listed to the left for assistance.
  • Finalists who do not have a Setup Ready Form need to see the Scientific Review Committee prior to being inspected by Display & Safety - these Finalist's packets have been marked with a red stop sign, but just in case some get through, you will know where to send them - Room 310 LSC with their Intel ISEF forms.
Door Monitoring
Shift Time: All
Where: Outside first and last set of doors into the Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Door Monitor on Duty
  • Position yourself just inside the entry doors to the ballroom where you have a good view of all exits.
  • Every shift will have at least two people.
  • Board of Directors members (rose ribbons) are allowed in at all times.
  • Please make a trash run through the Exhibit Hall at the conclusion of each shift.
  • Students are not allowed to leave with their projects until Saturday afternoon unless they have an orange Excused Slip signed by the CSEF Director.

Thursday Monitors:

  • Beginning at 11:30 a.m., only judges (yellow and red ribbons) are allowed in the exhibit area.
  • At 1:30 p.m., only Finalists and judges are allowed in the Exhibit Hall.
  • You are authorized and required to turn away people who aren't wearing the required name badge and ribbon.

Friday Monitors:

  • The last shift of the day will need to help close up and collect signs. Please make sure all people are out of the Exhibit Hall. The LSC Event Planning Office will be notified to lock the doors at 5 p.m. Most of the CSEF staff will be headed to the Awards Ceremony site before 5 p.m.

Saturday Monitors:

  • Tear down may begin at 11 a.m., don't stop anyone from dismantling their project, but encourage people to stay for the pizza party.
Equine Center Parking Attendants
Shift Time: 7 a.m. - 12 noon Thursday
Where: Equine Center on Overland Trail
Person in Charge: Jody & Floyd Oaks
  • Parking attendants will need the directional sign stand that points participants to the back part of the lot and the reflective safety vests.
  • Shuttle buses will run between the Equine Center and LSC as needed, but approximately on a 30 minute rotation. Please note that during the slow time of 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., only one bus will be running, so wait times will be slightly longer.
  • Attendants should wear the safety vests at all times.
  • Dress warmly, bring folding chairs, plenty of coffee and something to read.
  • The role of the attendant is to greet the attendees, direct them where to park, and help students get loaded with their projects onto the CSU buses as needed.
Exhibit Hall Setup
Shift Time: 7 - 9 a.m. Thursday
Where: Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Jim Sites (Senior Division) &
Bob Morrow (Junior Division)
  • Senior Division projects will be assigned to a space in the West section of the Grand Ballroom and Junior Division projects will be assigned to a space in the East section of the Grand Ballroom.
  • Copies of the Exhibit Hall layouts indicating the number of tables needed for each row and the number of projects assigned to each row will be provided. You will need to double check that the hotel staff has set up the tables correctly and shift tables as necessary.
  • Each row of tables will need to be marked off with masking tape in 4' sections for each exhibit space.
  • Hang tags will be arranged in order for each row to tape to the table edge, identifying what project goes in what 4' exhibit space.
  • There will be signs to hang at the end of each row identifying the project numbers that can be found in each row.
  • Finalists requiring electricity are required to bring extension cords, but some areas bay need assistance in finding the correct place to plug in (the Exhibit Hall Set-Up Coordinator will have a plan of action to follow).
  • If electrical cords cross aisle ways, carpeting will need to be obtained from LSC staff to cover them up and avoid tripping hazards. We are not allowed to tape anything down on the hardwood floor.
Finalist Check-In
Shift Time: 8:30 - 11 a.m. Thursday
Where: Foyer outside the Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Judy Prester (Senior Division) &
Laura Ussery (Junior Division)

Please be early for this assignment as we will need to set things up that morning and will open registration as soon as the Exhibit Hall is ready.

  • Make sure the SRC Interview list is posted near the registration table.
  • Individual project Finalist Packets are alphabetized by last name.
  • All team project Finalist Packets are alphabetized separately from the individual projects by the last name of the TEAM LEADER. Teams receive ONE packet only.
  • A red stamp on the registration packet indicates that the Finalist(s) have a stop on their registration and must take care of it BEFORE receiving their packet. Reasons for stops include:
    • Needing to see the SRC in Room 310 LSC. Once the Finalist has been cleared by SRC, they will receive an initialed copy of the Set-up Approval Form to show in order to receive their Registration Packet. DO NOT collect these forms as they need them for Display & Safety check.
    • Needing to pay the $40/per Finalist registration fee. Once the fee has been paid, mark it paid on the provided list. Put registration fee payments in the cash box. There is a receipt booklet in there if the Finalist/adult asks for a receipt.
  • Each Finalist receives a T-shirt and the size they requested is listed on the Registration Packet label (S, M, L or XL). Please have each student check the tag to make sure they have received the correct T-shirt size listed on their registration packet.
  • Collect Poster Art Contest entries and put them in the marked box. They will be assigned numbers and hung up after the check-in is done.
  • Collect statistical award submissions. The Special Awards Coordinator will pick them up for the judges once check-in is done.
Judges Check-In - Grand Awards
Shift Time: 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Thursday
Where: CSU Theater in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Nancy Vaughan & Gwyneth Glissmann
  • Judging Captains will check in by 9:00 a.m. and they will have their meeting in the balcony of the CSU Theater at 9:15 a.m.
  • Other Grand Awards Judges will check in by 10 a.m. and the general Judges meeting will take place at 10:15 a.m. in the CSU Theater.
  • Grand Awards Judges will each have a packet with their name tag, certificate, CSEF Program, CSEF pin and CSEF pen in it.
  • Judges who ordered a CSEF T-shirt (not Captains or Assistant Captains) will have a reminder note on their packet that it will be available for collection and payment to the Grand Award Judging Coordinator before 5 p.m. that day.
  • Seating will be by category and division and the table tents are color coordinated with the Finalist's hang tags for each category.
  • Encourage judges to recycle their name tags at the end of the day.
Judges Check-In - Special Awards
Shift Time: 10:20 a.m. - 12 noon Thursday
Where: North Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Sam Bartlett & Judy Prester

Special Award Organization Check-in:

  • Each Special Award Organization will have a packet that includes a judging form, name tags for their registered judges and a table tent with the organization's name on it to use in case the judges don't all know each other by sight.
  • Give the first appearing judge the contents of the organization's packet, but KEEP THE ENVELOPE!!
  • Have the judge picking up the packet sign that they received the contents of the packet and then review the requirements for completing the judging form.
  • Blank name tags will be available for last minute changes to a judging team.
  • There will be a bundle of CSEF Programs available for the judges to use in identifying projects and their numbers.
  • A box of CSEF pens will be available for the judges to use and keep if they so desire.
  • A few copies of the Finalist's CSEF Abstracts will be available for the judges to use during the judging, these will also be available to them on-line prior to the day of judging. Do not allow these abstracts to leave the judges' room.
  • Remind the judges that all results MUST be turned in by 5 p.m. on Thursday if they want their organization's winners to appear in the press release and awards presented at the Awards Ceremony.

Special Award Organization Check-out:

  • As the judges pick their winner(s) and complete the judging form, they will turn in the completed contents of the judge's packet to the special awards desk. The volunteer must check to make sure that all paperwork is completed properly. If the paperwork is satisfactory, the judge needs to sign the packet envelope and give a phone number where they can be reached in case there are questions later. Then the volunteer will put the packet (with the actual award inside or attached if applicable) aside for later collation.
  • If an organization is going to send the actual award to the Finalist(s) at a later date, they must have something (a letter or certificate) that has the organization's contact information listed to give to the winner(s) at the Awards Ceremony.
  • Address lists for the Finalists will be available for the judges to collect mailing addresses of their winners if they need them. These lists MUST NOT leave the room!
  • Encourage judges to recycle their name tags at the end of the day.
Official Photography
Shift Time: 8:30 - 11 a.m. Thursday
Where: Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Andrew Warnock

There will be a recommended meeting to go over directions for this group at about 8:15 a.m. in the main ballroom. Please be early for this assignment as we will open registration as soon as Room Setup is ready.

Sample Photo:

  • You will need to provide your own digital camera. Camera specifications should include:
    • Photo size between 900 KB and 1.2 MB
    • 4 MegaPixels or better
    • Red-eye reduction option (turned on)
    • Flash (turned on and the bigger the better)
    • Empty memory card
    • Charged batteries (bring extras with you)
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you will be on your feet for a few hours.
  • There will be a Photography Station where you will need to download the photos you have taken onto a CSEF computer and CD.
  • Please feel free to take as many candid shots as you'd like - we can use those too!
  • When taking the pictures, please keep the following in mind:
    • Make sure the Finalist is wearing his/her name tag and that it is facing the right way to be visible.
    • Try to have the hang tag that identifies the project number visible in the picture.
    • It would be nice if the entire project was in the picture, but this isn't always possible, so just make sure the Finalist isn't cut out.
    • Take at least two shots of each project just in case one doesn't come out very well and review the picture before moving on to the next project.
    • Take vertical pictures so that all pictures are oriented the same direction.
    • Please avoid cutting body parts (especially heads & arms) out of the picture. Try to get all of the student in the picture if at all possible.
    • Try to get a smile out of the students!
  • The process for Display & Safety and Photography will be the following:
    • Finalists will first set up their project. When that is complete, they will turn in their Setup Ready Form to the Display & Safety team.
    • If they are approved by the Display & Safety, they will receive a Photo Ready Card that they will need to turn in at the Photography Station.
    • Photographers will be assigned to either the Junior or Senior Division and will pick up the Photo Ready Cards as they come in.
    • Once the photos are taken of the project, the photographer should place a colored dot on the hang tag in the Photography box and return the Photo Ready Card to the Photography table.
Pizza Party
Shift Time: 11:30 a.m.
Where: Outside Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Bob Morrow & Dolly Morrow (door prize announcers)
  • Set-up the tables available for serving the food just outside the main doors of the Grand Ballroom by 10:30 a.m.
  • Fill the plastic tubs with ice from the LSC kitchen to cool the bottles of water.
  • Food will be from Lory Student Center Catering.
  • Food will be served at 11 a.m. and 12 noon or until it is gone. Please limit to 1-2 portions and 1 drink per person on their first run through and then call for seconds when the line dwindles.
  • All trash must be taken to the dumpster behind the LSC by CSEF volunteers.
  • All servers need to wear disposable serving gloves.
  • Door prizes will be announced in the Exhibit Hall starting at 11:15 a.m.
  • as door prize tickets are drawn, the name should be announced along with what the student has won.
  • The door prize ticket should be taped to the item that has been awarded until the student has claimed the item.
  • Use the student's name tag to verify they are the winner of the prize.
  • Repeat door prize winner announcements up to 3 times per prize in case the student was out getting pizza at the time and didn't hear the first time. After the third time, feel free to draw a new winner.
Project Drop-off
Shift Time: 8 - 11 a.m.
Where: Library Parking Lot Drop-Off Zone
Person in Charge: TBD
  • There is NO PARKING in the Library lot drop-off zone so parents will need to leave their student and their project and take the car to be parked elsewhere.
  • Parking permits ($12 per day) are available at Parking Services on the corner of Prospect & Center in the parking garage if they want to park on campus.
  • Maps will be available to direct people to the off-campus parking area at the Equine Center so they can take the shuttle in to campus.
  • Maps of on-campus parking lots will be available if people wish to park on campus using the meters.
  • One or two people will need to be designated as transporters to help students get their projects to the Exhibit Hall. A dolly and flatbed cart will be available for your use.
  • People needing handicapped parking will need to have a Colorado handicap parking sticker or plate.
SRC Interviews
Shift Time: 8:30 - 11 a.m. Thursday
Where: Rooms 308/310 Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Lucy Adams (Junior Division ) &
Jennifer Hellier (Senior Division)
  • There will be a list of Finalists needing to see the Scientific Review Committee posted near the Finalist Registration table in the Foyer.
  • There will be a copy of the Intel ISEF Rulebook available for reference.
  • Finalists needing to see the SRC about paperwork will have their registration packets marked with a STOP sign and will not have their Setup Ready Form in their packet (just in case they slip by the registration people).
  • The SRC Receptionist and his/her assistant will have a list of Finalists needing to clear up paperwork issues and will be responsible for these. While checking the paperwork, if they feel there are other issues that need to be clear, they will then have an SRC member address the issue(s) with the Finalist and parent or teacher.
  • Finalists needing to have an interview will need to check in with the SRC Receptionist and will be called in the order of arrival.
  • When the Finalist(s) have satisfied all of the requirements asked of them, please initial the Setup Approval Form with the Finalist(s)' name on it and send them back to the Registration Booth to pick up their packet.
  • A single page copier/printer will be available in the SRC room for students needing to make single page copies of forms. Multiple page copies should be sent downstairs to the Fast Print on the 2nd (main) floor of the LSC.
Tear Down Monitor
Shift Time: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday
Where: Grand Ballroom in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: Sheridan Sumouske
  • Monitors will be in charge of making sure tear down of projects goes smoothly and making sure all trash and lost items get picked up and deposited in the proper area.
  • Make sure the registration booth is cleaned up and closed before leaving.
  • Make sure all CSEF items get back to the Director's offices. Don't worry about organizing items at this time - just pack everything up and we'll worry about organizing it later.
  • Clear off all tables of trash - tape, papers, etc.
  • Work with LSC staff to collect all banners hung for the event.
Tour Guides
Shift Time: All Day Friday
Where: various LSC rooms
Person in Charge: Sheridan Sumouske
  • Try to become familiar with where the drop-off location for your tour(s) is ahead of time.
  • Check in at the CSEF Headquarters in the Registration Booth on the third floor of the Lory Student Center. If you are running late or cannot make it PLEASE call or text 970-222-4418 to alert the CSEF staff. DO NOT send the CSEF Director and email - she does not have time to check email during the science fair.
  • Be sure to arrive at the meeting room 10-15 minutes prior to the time the tour is scheduled to leave.
  • Check attendance using the sign-up sheet provided. Have people mark off that they are present and collect their tour ticket. (You do not need to keep or turn in the tour tickets once you have determined that you have the people who are signed up for the tour in attendance.)
  • You may join the group on the tour, or you may leave them there, as they are on their own to get back to the student center or where ever they need to be next.
  • A "Talking Points" sheet will be provided to you that you can use during your walk to the tour site.
Tour Ticket Pickup and Sales
Shift Time: 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. Thursday
Where: Room 322 Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: TBD
  • Tour registration will be from March 19 – April 1.
  • Tickets not pre-registered for will be on sale at this time.
  • Pre-registered tickets will be sorted by Finalist's or Teacher's last name and you will need to collect the amount of money shown on the envelope.
  • There will be a sign-up sheet for each tour that needs to have the names of the people buying the tickets so the guides have a clear picture of how many they are responsible for.
  • Please point out to students that they will need to be in the designated room at the LSC BEFORE the departure time listed on the tour ticket.
  • The people handing out tickets and handling sales will be in charge of deciding:
    • How to handle the flow of traffic in and out of the room.
    • How the tours should be split up by table (alphabetical, reserved vs. on-site, etc.).
    • How to divide the tasks of handing out tickets, collecting money, etc.
Volunteer Check-In
Shift Time: All
Where: Registration Booth in the Lory Student Center
Person in Charge: TBD

This job will be part of the CSEF Headquarters Monitor job after 11 a.m. on Thursday.

  • Before CSEF, please familiarize yourself with this entire list of volunteer assignments, the CSEF schedule, and the Lory Student Center map.
  • Using the daily lists (Thursday, Friday or Saturday), check off that the volunteer has checked in for the day.
  • Give the volunteer their name tag (if they don't already have it from a previous day). These will be separated by the day the volunteer will first be working.
  • CSEF pins will be attached to their name tag.
  • Offer the volunteer a CSEF T-shirt (people whose names are highlighted should be picking up their shirt that day).
  • Direct the volunteer to the room and/or person they are to report to for their job.
  • Remind everyone to:
    • Recycle their name tags. If a volunteer will be returning for a later shift or the next day, be sure to put the name tag into that day's box so we can find it again.
    • Double check the contact information that is listed for them.
    • Check-in each day they will be working so we know that their job is covered.

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